wind farming

Energy Production Using Wind Farming

wind farming

Wind farming technology is now considered a promising method for the production of energy. There are many techniques for energy production. Most of these techniques are suggested as low-cost energy-producing ways. But nearly all these methods are involved in the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, which are harmful to human health. More than 20 billion kilowatts of electric power are now producing in the United States with wind farming. This is considered to be enough for 4.9 million households. Two nuclear power plants or 40 coal-fired power plants can also be produced in the same amount of energy. However, nuclear and coal fired power plants are considered insecure due to the safety and emission of greenhouse gases, respectively. Therefore, wind farming projects have now preferred for the production of energy.

A reliable source of energy production

Wind power is now frequently used for the generation of home electricity. It is assumed that if this power is increased to ten times from the existing amount, then it can produce electricity for 50 million homes. This would be enough for the 150 million people.

Energy requirements

Wind power can easily be covered by the current overall requirements of energy. However, the industry needs much power than home requirements. Every coal-fired production and emission of gases from buses, trains, cars, and planes causes to pollute the environment.

Emission of greenhouse gases

It is now concluded that nuclear power emits one-fiftieth more greenhouse gas into the environment than every coal-fired project. Every hydroelectric dam release only 10 percent CO2 of that amount. Moreover, only half the amount of CO2 from hydroelectric power emits by wind farming. So, by comparison, it can be concluded that the emission of greenhouse gas is very small in the case of wind farming.

wind farming

Low cost of wind energy

Wind power is usually low-cost projects as compared to the other energy-producing sources, according to recent calculations. A wind turbine of one million watt requires cost nearly 5 million dollars. This cost is suggested as five dollars per watt.

Cost of other energy sources

The initial cost of coal fired projects was calculated as 1.5 dollars per watt and solar power 3 to 7 dollars per watt. A nuclear power plant is considered to be in the range of around 11 dollars per watt. So, wind power projects are low cost as compared to the other sources.

Special features

Wind farming has many advantages over other energy-producing sources. Clean emission, the price per watt, and as a natural source, wind farming is suggested as a prestigious way of energy production. So, this is included in one of the best reliable, low-cost, safe, and natural sources of energy production.


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