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You’ve probably heard of Cage Potato before. It is the MMA website that publishes revealing photos of UFC ring girls. You may even have read a few articles about him, such as “Miami’s Fastest Fighter.” But what about the MMA Viking? Does he really deserve such a banning? Let’s find out! Read on to learn more about him.

Cage Potato

In a recent press release, the UFC demanded that the website CagePotato retract a comment made by Dana White on the site. White is accused of “gambling” on a UFC fight by writing a false statement about the UFC president. Now the UFC is preparing a complaint against White, which could lead to a lawsuit. However, that’s a topic for another article.

The Cage Potato is similar to the Bloody Elbow, but it’s a blog rather than a website. It’s a bit more casual than other MMA websites, and its posters are more likely to swear in their posts. However, the seriousness of the content remains. The site is run by MMA fans and is not an authoritative source. The website offers fresh news and analysis about MMA fights.

The site contains breaking MMA news from around the world, including popular fighters, videos, and more. It also has news about the biggest MMA organizations and events. The site is updated with the latest information about both UFC and other MMA events. The site is updated daily with the latest MMA news and videos from all around the world. You can also follow the sport on Twitter and Facebook. You can also subscribe to the Cage Potato blog on Twitter.

If you want to know what’s happening in the world of MMA, this site is a must-read. With daily MMA news and commentary, it’s hard to find a better source. It’s also easy to keep up with the latest news about the sport thanks to its community of MMA fans and sports journalists. Its social media presence is also unmatched – with over 2 million fans on Facebook and 100,000 on Twitter, it’s no wonder Bloody Elbow is one of the most popular MMA blogs in the world.

The website features more than 100 MMA news sources. It features information from the UFC, ESPN, Cage Potato, Sherdog, Bloody Elbow, Fightmetric, Sports Illustrated, MMA Weekly, Bellator, Strikeforce, ONE FC, and a lot more. It also features news from around the world. The site features interviews with MMA fighters and other news sources.

MMA Fighting

While there are several MMA news sites online, Cagepotato is one of the oldest. Founded in 2004, the site has built up a loyal following. In addition to breaking news and reviews, Cagepotato also features live streams and podcasts. It also has interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport. Cagepotato is owned by the same company as Bloody Elbow.

The site’s name hints at its uniqueness, as the content is written by a single person. Unlike some of its more mainstream rivals, Cage Potato has a less formal feel than Bloody Elbow or MMA Fighting. Posters are more likely to swear and don’t carry the air of a professional journalist. As a result, you can tell it’s written by people who care about the sport.

MMAFighting is another great source for mixed martial arts news. It boasts a top-notch writing staff and one of the best MMA journalists on staff. Articles are well-written and researched, and the site also features some of the best interviews on the internet. The site is more feature-driven than Cagepotato, but its editor, Ariel Helwani, is well-connected and does an excellent job breaking inside stories.

MMA Viking is an independent, international MMA news source. It covers local events in person and delivers quality content. Its goal is to grow the Nordic mixed martial arts scene. Its reporters shoot videos and write previews of upcoming fights. MMA Viking also has the official Nordic MMA Rankings. And last but not least, it is a great place to start learning about the world of mixed martial arts. It’s one of the most reliable MMA news sites on the Internet.

MMA Viking

The MMA Viking is a team of Norwegian journalists who provide a wealth of content. The main contributors to the site include submission wrestler Daniel Schalander and videographer Tommas Tingbjor. In 2011, Cage Potato started submitting videos and photos and soon expanded its coverage to include interviews with Sirwan Kakai and Claes Beverlov. Thomas Christensen has written the fight announcements and helped with translations. Sofia Berg has always been the go-to person at MMA Viking events.


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