solar cooling

Solar Cooling

solar cooling

When talking about solar cooling most of the people that hear this will probably laugh and ask themselves how can the sun cool anything? Well, this is quite possible. Thanks to a new technology people can now heat their homes during winter and cool their houses during summer by using the energy offered by the sun. A lot of money can be saved by using such ecological technologies.

Such a magic object that can do both of these tasks is the solar panel. There are a few methods that can be used for cooling a house. The first is an easy one that is based on a coolant that has its main function of absorbing and dissipating heat from the house. Such a cooler can be a pool built on the rooftop of the home. It will absorb the excessive heat from inside the home and will evaporate it because the pool is exposed to the sun.

Another solar cooling method is using a solar collector that is shaded during the day. Such a solar collector is a solar panel. Normally its function is to absorb heat from the sun and warm the house with the energy produced through a complicated scientific process. But if we shade the solar panel during the day, he will only absorb enough solar heat to warm the house during the night when the panel will be exposed to the cool night air. As the solar panel has to be shaded a good solution is installing a retractable awning or overhand extension. During winter the system can be reversed and the solar panel will not be used as a solar cooling any more but will be used for heating the house.

Solar cooling is done most efficiently during the hottest summer days of the year as during those days the sun offers a lot of heat for the solar panel’s photovoltaic cells and a lot of energy can be produced. You can connect your air conditioning system to the solar panel and cool your house with no cost as enough energy will be produced for a good functioning of the air conditioner. This way you will no longer have to worry about the electricity bills you have to pay for a cooled house.

solar cooling

It seems Romans used solar cooling for their homes too. They used a running water system to cool down the exterior walls of the house. As the sun became more and more heating the water would have evaporated this way dissipating the heat within the house. Such a system can be well applied to our homes too, either on walls, wither on rooftops.

Using solar cooling systems and solar heating panels is a good thing. You protect nature and you also save your budget for spending it on family activities for example. If we become less dependent to the fossil fuels we might have a chance of protecting the environment that is already suffocated by some of our industrial activities.


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