Solar Panels

Solar panels – The gateway to sustainable energy!

Energy is the ultimate need for every human being. It is essential for the body and for the other appliances that make life possible and easier. With the change from non-renewable to renewable energy; every home has seen a rapid change towards a positive future. Solar energy accounts for one of the most harnessed and the most reliable energy sources in the modern world by using solar panels. Apart from providing light and heat to the world, the gateway to absorbing the energy has helped humans build their trust for a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source. The generated energy can provide energy 24×7 without worrying about the power cut in the areas. The photovoltaics have bridged the gap and allow for easy harnessing of the energy. But, regardless of everything, getting an insight into the energy harnessers is essential to get the best details of what a person is to use!

Why go for solar energy?

Due to many advantages, solar energy is now being used for all projects. Regardless of the space, it has its say everywhere around the world. The following are the reasons why one should go for it:

Renewable energy resource

It is the most abundant source of energy. One can never run out of it. It is available every day in huge amounts and can be stored for use at night time. Due to the sun’s easy accessibility worldwide, it can be equipped very easily everywhere, without worrying about the resource’s availability.

Low maintenance cost

Once installed, the equipment comprising of solar panels does not need high maintenance. Just basic cleaning once in a while is sufficient enough. Thus, the maintenance cost is minimal and is hence recommended for long term use.

Eco friendly

It is a very environment-friendly means of energy production as it does not involve any harmful elements in the atmosphere. Switching to solar will reduce global warming, partly due to greenhouse gases evolving from the burning of alternative energy resources, i.e., oil, gas, and coal.

Wide applications

From as small as sourcing a home appliance to as big as providing electricity to the whole country,  solar panels coming in various sizes are being used for all applications. It is available in various sizes as per the convenience and needs of the user.

Inexpensive electricity

Using solar is beneficial in reducing the electricity bill. It is budget-friendly. It provides a greater amount of electricity than any other source for the same budget and can power the equipment with nominal resource use.

Fastest energy source

No source of energy can be installed and put into working condition as fast as solar panels. Even when some disaster destroyed all energy sources, solar can be considered a time and money-saving alternative.

The photovoltaics - The primary harnessers!

A single solar cell is never efficient to provide a complete set of energy. A photovoltaic system consists of a series or array of solar panels that connect to harness the sun’s energy. It helps combine the little energy efforts and add them together for a bigger amount capable of taking up bigger loads. They come in various shapes and sizes, and the PV system comes both off-grid and on-grid. The off-grid uses storage batteries to supply sufficient systems, while the on-grid system connects to the main supply line. It helps to focus on the absorption and storage of electricity. The solar PV system is the heart of the entire harnessing system.

How does it work?

The basic principle of working of the PV system is on the simple and well known photovoltaic effect. It is a process that produces a voltage when the photovoltaic material is exposed to UV light. The following are the stages as the sunlight proceeds through the panels to become energy:

  • The PV system involves the junction of two types of semiconductors – p-type and n-type.
  • As the sunlight strikes on the plates, the material absorbs energy to either semiconductor space.
  • Both the types join to form a PN junction work together for the movement of electrons.
  • This electron movement within the PV solar panels helps to create an electric field. 
  • The electric field produced then gets converted into a voltage which can be smoothly stored in the batteries.

Solar photovoltaic panels - The types!

The photovoltaic structures are the utmost and the primary element in a solar system. It comprises various materials, so it is essential to choose the best by knowing them. The three main types of solar photovoltaic panels are:


They are one of the most common panels that are used all over the world. They are dark black in color and consist of the following features:

  • They are made from high-grade silicone, and hence these are extremely efficient.
  • It is compact in structure and fits in almost every possible space. 
  • It is very reliable and trustworthy in warm weather and has larger energy storage.
  • These solar PV systems have higher durability but are relatively expensive than others. 


With dark blue and a tough manufacturing process, there is another range of panels that come common. The following are the features:

  • It is made from non-homogeneous silicon materials, and hence they have a flaky texture in appearance.
  • They have a lower heat resistance than the monocrystalline ones hence are less efficient.
  • With a lesser space efficiency, they often require a minimum size to help with the best system. 
  • Due to a decline in the features of the best monocrystalline, they cost lesser than them.

Thin-film crystal

These are often made from a semiconductor substrate and not silicon. They vary in material and hence caters to the following features:

  • They are made from ceramic structures and are the best for mass production.
  • They have resistance with high temperature and shading but have a lesser impact.
  • These solar PV systems come with panels that are affordable but take a lot of space.
  • In comparison with other materials available, they degrade faster and hence need quicker replacements.

What to look in for the best solar panel?

Choosing the best solar panel is the first step towards having the best solar system. The following must be the checklist when looking or planning to install a solar system for the home:

  • Installation and Venue

The installation and the site play a vital role. Space must be well ventilated and must have sufficient hours of sunlight. If it has more of a shady region, the panels may not be enough. The ambient temperature and the tilt of the panels are also a vital part.

  • Pocket friendly

The best of all solar panels come to a person without burning the pockets of the user. It provides for a subsequent budget that does not disrupt the economic balance. The various panels vary in cost, and hence, deciding the budget is essential.

  • Electric efficiency 

The output of the panel’s electric output must suffice to the user’s proper needs and must be regular and economic. The energy supply and the set up must always be according to the amount of household consumption for the best!

  • Panel Quality

Quality plays a vital role in determining the type that one must choose. Sticking to a good quality will always add to the life, value, and efficiency of the solar PV system. Going for a brand over to the locally made products should always be a priority.

  • Warranty

Securing the purchase of the solar panel, like any other product, is common. One must always choose the panels with handy warranties and replacements if the damage is not by a person. They provide for additional product safety and guards the economic asset.

  • Needs

Letting a professional look into one’s electric bills is a must. They help with finding the right number of panels to suffice for a person’s daily electric needs. Exceeding the regular consumption amount would be a waste as it would cater to unnecessary energy harvest.

  • Certifications

The best of all solar panels come with a proper certification mark that cannot be denied. It helps to learn about authenticity and lets the user know about the system’s efficiency power. Using an uncertified panel often indicates a poor quality and unguaranteed product. 

New progress and daily expansions are happing in the solar sector, and its market is growing day by day. With time, most of the electricity generation in developed countries is done using solar powering. Not just cars and trains, even the airplanes have been confirmed to fly by only being powered by solar energy. The most efficient source of energy to invest in today’s time is solar. It is still a concept being explored every day, and there is great potential for solar energy in the future. New advancements, attractive innovations, and cost-effective features have invited many people to switch from traditional to solar-powered ways of energy generation. Solar PV systems are bliss to the world around. They provide for an ecological balance and help to step forward for a brighter future. Providing for a similar and efficient life, they help everyone walk towards the path of sustainability!

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