Tidal Power

Experiencing The Renewable Wave: Tidal Power, Advantages & Disadvantages

When it comes to talking about all major power sources, then the prime choice should always be the renewable ones. And today, Tidal power is securing a higher position of top renewable energy sources. It’s considering a great source of green energy. Investments are happening, and all of it gives the tidal power energy source a shape. The energy from waves is inexplicit and hence should be taken in as a boon. They are the energies that are inextinguishable and hence re replenishable and work to the best for humans. With the modern technologies in hand, they are the best to take in for the utmost human benefit.

How Tidal Energy Is Created

The movement of tides and oceans play a big role in causing tidal power. The intensity of the water rises and falls; it forms kinetic energy. That huge power source is known as the tidal power source. This tidal power is highly surrounded by gravitational hydropower. It creates a turbine to generate electricity. 

Why Tidal Power Has The Hype Today

To get the answer, you need to have a glance at the modern-day statistics today. The facts are shocking and amazing all over the world.

  • Scotland has made a great record. They have produced enough tidal energy from wind farms to power up 4.47 million homes in the first half of 2019. It’s almost double the amount of the past, and without a doubt, It’s amazing! 
  • Engineers are developing new technologies and concepts every day, and all of this is creating the perfect demand for energy. The tidal energy enhancement is not just limited to a particular place; it’s improving worldwide. 
  • In 2007, in Northern Ireland, at Strangford Lough, the world’s first commercial tidal power station is developed consisting of two 600 kilowatt turbines. The large scale development is a big success so far.

How The Tidal Energy Can Be Harnessed

It is the topic that entirely relies on practical facts getting concluded in the shape of theory. Generally, the tidal energy can be harnessed in three separate ways – tidal streams, lagoons, and barrages. People are still waiting eagerly when tidal energy will be more economical. It may take some years, but it will happen for sure. Unless it’s not happening, there are a few ways exist of capturing the tidal power. 

Tidal Energy Definition And Generation

So, what exactly is tidal energy? It is the energy that is gained from the rise and fall of tides. Tidal dams or barrages are designed over a narrow opening in the sea. When the sea level increases, the water comes to the dam fast. A turbine with blades is attached to the aperture of the barrier. When the water hits the turbine, the blades start moving. 

These moves of the blades produce electricity. Thus the tidal energy is generated. 

Advantages Of Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is a popular topic, and it’s quite a renewable power source where human beings can rely on. 

Here are all the advantages of this great power source, 

  • It is a world when technology is growing rapidly. The same is applicable for tidal energy as well. The technology is advancing on a large scale. As a result, tidal energy will get considerably cheaper and highly efficient.
  • No matter what, the tidal energy always delivers predictable output. Tides are constant and predictable. Why is that? It’s because of the gravitational forces. By assessing only the high and low tides, the engineers can develop efficient and tailored systems.
  • One of the biggest advantages of tidal energy is that it protects the coastal flooding that happens because of the rock cover on different design conditions. Here is an amazing stat – the tidal lagoons can hold out against 1 out of 500 storm surges and waves in a single year.
  • Tidal energy is not the only renewable energy in the market. Multiple other energy resources exist. What makes tidal energy more advantageous over other energy resources? The facilities and equipment of tidal power last longer. It is more cost-competitive, too, than the other renewable technologies. 

One hundred twenty years of lifetime development has been invested in tidal energy so that it reaches the level where human beings can be benefitted, and science can show it’s effectiveness. 

What Is Preventing The Earth From Making The Most Of The Tidal Energy

Now you may think, after more than 100 years of development under process, why the tidal power hasn’t benefitted the maximum yet? Well, this is a valid question. Numerous restrictions in the world have restrained the maximum efficiency of harnessing the tidal power source.

Here is the list – 

  • Money is the biggest problem of all. Implementing tidal energy in practical life requires a high level of capital investment. Plus, tidal energy hasn’t been cheaper at all. It is quite expensive to construct tidal power plants.
  • Tidal barrages carry a significant feature that is changing the habitat. It is a real environmental issue of tidal power real-life implementation.
  • Like any other power plant, you need to maintain and repair the tidal power plant equipment. Considering the present circumstance, it is a challenging arena.
  • Energy demand is not consistent; it is limited. Powerful tides take place in the gap of 10 hours each day. That means a large tidal energy storage capacity should be developed. The process is going on, but the success hasn’t come yet.
  • There are coastal communities where delivering tidal energy is highly challenging. It isn’t easy. Why so? The tides produced power is a long-distance from real life where the electricity will be available to use inland. 
  • The difference between high and low water levels should be more than 5 meters in height to produce electricity. It is the foremost condition. And it is not possible in certain locations. 
  • Without any doubt, power generation, with the aid of tidal energy, is a novel technology. So, it demands funds and extensive research consistently. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Tidal Energy Source

Now you know all about how much tidal power is effective and what are the harnessing advantages. Apart from it, there are numerous disadvantages exist too. In some points, the disadvantages are almost the same as the limitations of using tidal energy.

So, all the restrictions and environmental limitations above are the real-life disadvantages of tidal power. It’s a challenging scenario for the engineers. 

Here are the environmental disadvantages of tidal energy source – 

  • Tidal barrages control the sea level that is highly harmful to the aquatic ecosystem and its livings.
  • While the construction phase, the noise comes out of it is harmful to human beings’ hearability tolerance limit.
  • Tidal energy emits electromagnetic emission that is detrimental to marine life. It can cause anomalies to the entire marine system.
  • Substrate alteration and sediment deposition are not something that can be easily managed. 

Hope is everything. Shortly, with all the technological advancements, the issues will be resolved at it’s best.

What Is The Future Of Tidal Energy

The tidal energy source has the potential and capability to serve all the power requirements of human beings.

Many challenges remain unsolved, but with a technological upgrade every day, it is just a matter of time to get the proper solution. Wave stream technologies and the tidal power source is showing fruitful results with multiple opportunities. The climate crisis in the world is real, and with the benefits of tidal power, it can be combatted to get a favorable synonym for human beings. It’s not going to happen soon; it will take some years. However, it is expected that before 2050, all the tidal power sources will be successfully available.

So, it can be concluded without a doubt that tidal energy has numerous advantages and some disadvantages too. Today, people depend on wind and solar for a reliable power source. But the tidal energy is more reliable than these two power sources. However, the high cost of implementation is restraining all of its development. The industry is new. Today, extensive research is going on, and it needs more research on every aspect. With ongoing research, investment, and expertise, tidal energy will become cheaper. Soon it will be available for the development of human kinds. 

Saving the environment today is a high need to maintain healthy living for everyone on this planet. Joining the save environment bandwagon is indeed an effective approach today. The tidal power is highly useful, and if it’s harnessed well, people will see a new energy source to depend on. For the future electricity dependant generation, the potential of tidal power is broad. Multiple demonstration tidal power projects are going on all over the world in numerous stages of development. 

A bright future awaits for tidal power generation! 

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