Wind Energy and Wind Turbine

Wind Energy is often termed as the result of solar energy when it receives a response on earth. When the solar rays hit the earth, it falls on different regions and locations that have different temperatures. The different locations that are land and water, absorb or reflects the amount of solar heat, responding to it, it results in different temperatures and the earth to balance the atmosphere makes the warm air goes up and the cooler air settles down, this in-between creates wind.


Thus the wind is the result of the motion of air in the environment, so it possesses kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is very useful and so the wind is also used for different purposes in today’s life so as to fulfill a lot of requirements. Wind turbines are one of the basic equipment that uses wind to create energy. Its main function is to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy or electrical energy. Both of these energies are of extreme use in our daily lives and wind turbines help in yielding it in abundance. mechanical energy is usually found in rural areas for water pumping and other local works, whereas electricity is generated for schools, homes, and business places.


There are two kinds of wind turbines, the horizontal axis, and the vertical-axis turbines. The first kind of turbines are common these days and creates electricity on a large scale covering a major part of the market. Turbine usually possesses a ‘rotor’ that converts the wind into rotational shaft energy, a nacelle that usually contains a drive train that has a gearbox; and a generator, a tower to handle the rotor and the drive train, and the inner and outer equipment to control the cables and interconnection.  Most of the wind turbines do not possess a gearbox.

Wind turbines come in different sizes, the electricity created is flowed in the power lines where it collects with electricity from other power plants and then reaches the customers’ points. Today the average capacity of turbines with 5,000 kilowatts is tested.


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